Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What Exactly Is Annan Brokering?

One of the things that has perennially bothered me about the way we do things in Kenya is that we seem to have a horizon of only about a week and a half. Kibaki's reneging on the MOU was probably about the most short sighted thing I ever saw -- did he think that he would be in power for ever. On the other hand, Raila's campaign to overturn the proposed constitution which -- and I did read it myself -- was far superior to our current constitution, was based primarily on trying to prove a point to Kibaki (which he did).

I worry that Kofi and the deal negotiated at Serena/Mt. Kenya Safari Club Kilaguni will focus only on what we need to do to resolve this crisis and not work to put in place a solution for the ages.

There is a day after the day after tomorrow.



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