Sunday, January 27, 2008

Where Is Kibaki? Or The Return of General Kiguoya

[Unlike what was suggested on Misterseed, I need to clarify that these are not my words. These are the words of a Gikuyu man with whom I was speaking. Certain possibly identifying details have been changed but not one word is my own. His thesis was not that "Kibaki should kill all the other tribes" as someone said on Mashada, but how can Kibaki as president watch his own being killed by the Kalenjin and do nothing to protect them. I was astonished to see that this die-hard Kibaki supporter was now extremely bitter about the perceived lack of action on Kibaki's part. -Silaha]

A Gikuyu's rant captured almost verbatim
What is wrong with Kibaki, why is he just sitting in State House? We voted for him and we're dying for voting for him yet he is doing nothing. He should protect his people. Kibaki is a do nothing president. Please try and tell me one thing that this guy has done. Useless Kibaki. One month and what has he done? The only places he has gone even in Nairobi are to Harambee House (because Kofi Annan insisted) and to open Parliament.

If there was a vote to be done again, Gikuyu would not wake up at six o'clock to vote for him. We would vote for Kalonzo or Uhuru before we vote for Kibaki who has shown such weakness it is unbeliveable. All he does is to drool and sleep, what a useless guy. What kind of president do we have? Or is he so sick that he cannot function? Did the grind of the campaign take a toll on him? Is he getting senile?

And you're telling me he is a normal guy? No way, this is not leadership. Visibility is important. Think about George W. Bush during Hurricane Katrina, during a crisis visibiliy of the leader, the CEO, is critical. Kibaki is doing zero, nothing. He is not even talking to people in Nairobi. The country is being run by thugs, Kalenjin thugs, Gikuyu thugs, Luo thugs ... being run by thugs.

Why is Kibaki not talking? Why is he not being presidential? Raila makes more statements than our own president. Maybe he should just go back to Muthaiga or to Othaya. That guy has lost marks ... he is a good president when things are good, but when there is a crisis he is a coward big time, or he is senile or sick, I don't know what he is.

Not even one Gikuyu MP is talking, they are shutting up. Is the collective Gikuyu leadership stupid or why are they not talking? During the 1992 clashes Nyanja and company used to talk, they used to say for every one Gikuyu who dies we'll kill two of theirs. Where is Martha Karua? Only Wangari Maathai has the guts to talk.

The Gikuyu have totally forgotten about Raila -- the Luo have been taken care of -- he's not the one who has sent Kalenjins to fight. Since Thursday last week when Nakuru erupted Raila has not been in the picture. There are two things on the Gikuyu mind, we are we being killed by the Kalenjin and where is our president? Where is he sleeping and why? Could you imagine this happening in Kenyatta's time? No way.

Even if this killing of the Gikuyu stops we know one thing, we don't have a leader, this guy cannot even control his own house. We'll have an enemy in the Luos and the Kalenjin, but we'll have an enemy in our own house. We do not have respect for our own leader. We should take things into our own hands, we should not expect help from any quarters.

No business is flowing? The Kalenjin have said that no business will go on. How are the Kalenjin able to function with impunity? Burning houses in front of the President. That day that the President was in Eldoret the Kalenjins had surrounded that location. The Gikuyu were afraid when the President was there. These Kalenjin are warriors.

What government do we have? Is this a government? And we're supposed to have a president? What president? Could you imagine what this would have been for the Agikuyu had Raila been elected president? We would have been destroyed. The Gikuyu right are undergoing crazy things right now all because of Kibaki's inaction. How can these things happen to the Gikuyu during the term of a Gikuyu president?


My brother had construction equipment in Sotik and he went there by matatu to go pick it up. When he got there the people told him not to talk Gikuyu. He had to hire a Luo flatbed truck to ship his equipment to Nairobi, but they insisted on driving through Narok to avoid Nakuru and other parts of North Rift. In Molo he saw Gikuyus walking towards Nakuru with their belongings on one side of the road, on the other side were Kalenjin youth with bows and arrows ensuring that all the Gikuyu vermin had left. What astounded him was that while the matatu he was in were being escorted by police but they did nothing about the thugs with bows and arrows.

In Nakuru a few nights ago Kalenjin youth came there in trucks in groups of 200 and they terrorized Nakuru. They only left when the Army was deployed because the police officers, who are mostly Kalenjin, would not do anthing to stop their Kalenjin compatriots from killing Gikuyu. I have relatives in Nakuru town who will not sleep in their houses because they are so afraid of Kalenjins burning their houses down in the middle of the night.

My own relatives are moving from Warubaga (Elburgon) and moving to our home in Kabete, because we have a useless president.


Things will return to normal when the Gikuyu and the Kalenjin decide that things will return to normal. The next move is that the Gikuyu will begin to protest against the President. And this will play right into ODM's hands.


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