Saturday, January 26, 2008

Neo Mau-Mau Presidential Candidate or The Wazees and Mugiki

Do you know who got the fourth most votes in the recent presidential election?

I did not think you did. Joseph Ngacha Karani received 14,232 votes (according to the ECK – and we all know how well they count). His party has an innocuous sounding name Kenya Patriotic Trust Party, yet a little time spent on Google will disclose that Karani is the chairman of the Mau Mau Original Trust that has been raising money from ex-Mau Mau and their sympathizers ostensibly to fund a case for retribution against the British. In one newspaper article he is reported to have said:
We operate the way Mau Mau operated – secretly. Why should we disclose our secrets?
I originally became aware of this when Kivuitu mentioned it soon after the election. So why has nobody else picked up on that -- except for 14,232 other souls.


My heart bleeds for my country, our Kenya. This is not, however, a time for much reflection. We need to act and act with haste. The events in Nakuru yesterday and in Huruma Nairobi last weekend are not isolated incidents. They signal the rise of the militant Gikuyu response to the post election mayhem and with that Raila and Kibaki may have unleashed a monster that will not easily be contained.

Could it be that the Gikuyu have been planning a resurgence of the Mau-Mau for a while now? What the Luo/Kalenjin foot soldier may not realize is that they cannot eliminate the Gikuyu. The Railas and Rutos know this, but the average Onyango and Kip-whatever does not. They are fighting against an army that has been intact for 15 years. They will lose -- or more likely -- we will all lose.

The Wazees hated Mungiki when it was a "menace" and it interfered with their business interests, but now that a greater threat has come against Gikuyustan they will form (have formed?) an unholy alliance against the Kalenjin primarily but also the Luos and to some extent others. But they need to be careful. Michuki (one of the Wazees if there ever was one) said once "if you step on a snake expect to be bitten", well what happens when you get into bed with a snake?

Food for thought: Kenyatta knew nothing about the Muhimu the central Mau Mau leadership until it threatened him in September of 1952. What do the Wazees really know about Mungiki? Or, as earlier news reports suggested, have they already been threatened.


At Sunday, January 27, 2008 at 12:20:00 PM EST, Blogger Silaha said...

Comment received by email from DW:


Kenyatta knew nothing about the Muhimu the central Mau Mau leadership until it threatened him in September of 1952.

The 20-million-bob question indeed. He must have known something was up by 1950 or so. Who, after all, was directing the surge in urban union political activity? Plus, the oathing had begun well before 1952, and he would have known about that. And it remains quite possible that he was himself a member of Muhimu. I guess only Kaggia and, maybe, General China would know for sure, and they've both taken the secret to their graves.

My response:

Though I have subsequently seen it elsewhere, I got that comment from Peter Coss' The Moral World of the Law where he says: When in 1953 they found Mau Mau's central committee, muhimu, they thought it a second rank of leadership to replace the first, now on trial. But muhimu had existed a couple of years; by Kikuyu accounts, Kenyatta knew nothing of it until its leaders treatened him in late 1952. Muhimu excluded the top KAU leadership. ... Kaggia and Kubai, both muhimu men...


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