Saturday, February 09, 2008

Jirongo Again, How Can We Recognize This Surprising Hero?

I am a sporadic blogger at best. I only write when I feel that I have something to say. So my apologies to you folks who regularly visit to see if I have anything new to share.

I recently posted about Cyrus Jirongo's amazing and exemplary behavior in actively dissuading his constituents from hating on the Gikuyu in their area. That one posting has resulted in the most hits to my blog to date. Clearly Kenyans are earning to read about their compatriots who are making a difference in a positive sense. Enough about Kibaki and Raila! This has now become about Wanjiku and Onyango, and those wazees are not looking out for their interests.

Anyway... it seems that as I search for more positive stories about the goings on back home I keep coming back to Jirongo (who quite frankly I did not think very highly of prior to this year -- I mean, YK-92 is not exactly a great resume builder!) Here's the latest Jirongo-bite. (From here.)

In November of last year, I lent my son-in-law, Job, (Beverly's husband) the funds to buy a motorcycle so that he could go into the motor cycle taxi business. By now I know a lot about the motorcycle taxi business which in calmer times I might describe. There are 58 motorcycles and 67 motorcycle drivers and he has been elected chair of the motorcycle taxi drivers association in Lumakanda. He said that all the motorcycle taxi drivers stayed out of the violence, partly because they were charging double for rides and thus making a good income. Also the winning MP from this area, Cyrus Jirongo, had met with the drivers and told them not to participate in any tribal violence due to the election. According to Job, most of the bicycle taxi drivers also stayed out of the looting, but of course in terms of class, a motorcycle taxi driver is far above a bicycle taxi driver.


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