Monday, March 27, 2006

From The Only In Kenya Files

There is a story "Minister’s PA, bodyguards hurt in crash" in today's Standard that informs us that aides to Minister Martha Karua were injured in a car crash in Kirinyaga.

Only In Kenya where the conventional wisdom has it that nobody ever has an accident that is not set up by one's enemies is it necessary for Minister Karua to say "the accident was normal" which is to say it was an honest-to-God accident with no enemies or uchawi invovled.

(Curiously the State House website lists Minister Karua's martial status as "family person". I am not one for standing on a rooftop and announcing things like marital status to the whole world, but if you are going to do so don't make a mockery of it. When are we going to stop living lies. I wonder what that same site would list for a Catholic priest's marital status.)


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