Saturday, March 25, 2006

A Danish Perspective or What Happened To Tanzania?

I was surfing along, minding my business when out of an orange-colored sky flash! bam! alakazam! this map hit me in my eye* ... a mildly grossly erroneous map of "Kenya" (left) that's prominently featured on a Danish travel website. (For the geographically challenged amongst you the map on the right is an accurate map of the current political boundaries.)

Which makes me wonder...

If they cannot even find Nairobi, or even Kenya for that matter, on a map how on earth will they get you there?

I kind of like the enlarged Kenya -- more space to stretch our legs, but what would our Tanzanian brethren think about this re-partition of our countries?

Have more Danish tourists been going to Tanzania while mistakenly thinking that they are headed to Kenya?

* (Thanks to good old Nat King Cole for those words that are ever so slightly adapted from Orange Colored Sky.)


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