Saturday, March 25, 2006

More Potash: The Good Old Nyayo Days or Roadside Legal Tender

I have spent some time over the last few days (too much time maybe) reading Kenyan blogs, there are some fabulous minds out there...

For the second day in a row I feel compelled to quote from Potash's A Kenyan Urban Narrative ... Gosh, does that mean I am becoming a Potash groupie?
Sometimes I yearn for the good old Nyayo days. When they looted state coffers and pumped the money into the streets. I mean the President bought my mom's bananas at Kinungi. Two bananas for a freshly printed five hundred bill. The bill was so fresh the President hadn't even signed it. But he was a sport, he took out another big fiver and bought a black Bic from Kamanu who just happened to be selling Bics that day. (Well the Chief had asked all the hoodlums to try and look respectable on that day.) The President, without missing a stride signed the bills with the black Bic.
How can you but not just roll on the floor laughing...


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