Friday, January 04, 2008

Kenyans Are Tired

Words from a 24 year old Kenyan in Nairobi
The gas station next to our office was vandalized yesterday. They broke into the mini supermarket and cleared the shelves ... it was really bad!

The ODM guys had called for a rally today but no one was keen on attending. Kenyans are tired of engaging the police in running battles while the politicians sit in the comfort of their houses as they watch the drama taking place. They've realised they are the ones who suffer. Maybe Kenyans haven't given up on the legal battle but as far as the running battles are concerned i think they are no longer keen on that! So today things are almost back to normal.

If honorable men and women of this country don't come out to participate in politics then we'll suffer by being led by selfish and greedy individuals masquerading as leaders. But Kenyans are changing, young people are coming up. I am sure things can only get better. Watch this space in around 10 years to come.

These are not the views of most of the young people but some of them. The sober ones who don't see things from a tribal perspective. Those who take leaders as individuals and not a spokesman of a particular tribe or region. Don't worry. Martin Luther and a few like minded individuals started a peaceful revolution, so can a few sober Kenyans!


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