Thursday, January 03, 2008

Fed Up...Or Why Aren't YOU Mad Yet?

My brothers and sisters, this may be for those of us who feel wronged by the declared outcome of this election, but we must remember that whether Raila or Kibaki really won the election is a secondary point at this stage.

We have a nation on the brink. Poor (in every sense of the word) women and children are dying by the hundreds so forgive me if I say that I simply don't give a damn which of the two billionaires won or lost.

This madness needs to STOP, and stop soon. Kibaki and Raila need to sit in dialog even if they have to be dragged there kicking and screaming. They are not kindergarteners, why are they acting that way by kicking over the sandbox we call home?

This is not a tribal conflict. I have seen footage that shows Gikuyu men and women saying that they are Raila supporters. This is a fight against poverty. A fight against the tycoon that they believe is more insensitive to the plight of the "wretched of Kenya" (as the Economist so tactlessly described us.)

The unfortunate thing is that we're engaging in the same useless rhetoric (intellectual masturbation) here in the blogosphere. Stop it. Stop it now. Raila (Kisumu Molasses) and Kibaki (Ken-Ren Fertilizer) have both stolen food from the mouths of the poor and downtrodden.

If Kibaki and Raila will not engage in dialog then they should BOTH go. Enough. Or else we should send Jimmy and Fidel to stay in Huruma or Dandora until these two cretins realize that the dying kids have parents too.

My $0.02


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