Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Kivuitu's Startling Admission

The Standard Online Edition

According to the EA Standard ECK Chair Samuel Kivuitu has said

- “Some PNU (Party of National Unity) and ODM-Kenya leaders put me under pressure by calling me frequently, asking me to announce the results immediately”

- “I arrived at State House to take the certificate and I found the Chief Justice there, ready to swear-in Kibaki”

- “I do not know whether Kibaki won the election”

This is unconscionable dereliction of duty on Kivuitu's part, he should have had the moral temerity to resign and boldly come forward to Kenyans to say that the ECK's independence and integrity had been compromised.

After this latest piece of information, I apologize to all the ODM supporters whose integrity I questioned. How can one respect, let alone support, Kibaki now. It is over, he should concede and not even run in any subsequent run-off. Game-Set-Match.


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