Sunday, December 30, 2007

Time for Kikuyu Oaths?

Ominous Oaths - TIME

38 years ago a heinous crime was carried out by a Kikuyu against a dynamic up-and-coming Luo politician. In a counterintuitive move the Kikuyus braced themselves for possible reaction from the Luos and closed ranks.

As recounted in this TIME magazine article form the time

The Kikuyu, according to one participant, strip naked, then hold hands in a circle around a darkened hut and chant an oath before entering it. Inside the hut they eat soil and swear to follow the oath. "The government of Kenya is under Kikuyu leadership, and this must be maintained," goes the pledge. "If any tribe tries to set itself up against the Kikuyu, we must fight them in the same way that we died fighting the British settlers. No uncircumcised leaders [for example, the Luo] will be allowed to compete with the Kikuyu. You shall not vote for any party not led by the Kikuyu. If you reveal this oath, may this oath kill you."
I shudder to think that now that there is the wide perception that another (perhaps not so grave) injustice has been carried out on another wuod nam perhaps the Gikuyu will close ranks again and herald the beginning of yet another dark age for Kenya.


At Monday, April 11, 2011 at 2:39:00 AM EDT, Blogger Audicharles said...

It is pathetic, but the truth is now coming out clear. Raila supported Kibaki in 2002, just the same way his late father gave leadership to Jomo Kenyatta.

But Kibaki has done the opposite. In fact what he has done to Raila insinuates that he must have been party to that oath at Gatundu.


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