Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A Composite Look at PNU Supporters' Views

Over the course of today I have spoken with a number of PNU supporters about the political situation in Kenya. Not surprisingly they all had pretty similar views. I have have created a composite look at their opinions. Note: I have transcribed these views pretty dispassionately -- they are not my personal opinions, but we all benefit if we know how our compatriots are thinking.

On the Presidency: Kibaki is the legitimately elected president of Kenya, who has to serve all. But remember neither Kibaki nor Raila will agree to step down, or even back down. They both want it all. Raila can do is accept he was beaten, other than the courts there is nothing else he can legally do.

On ethnicity: The ODM folks are all out against the Kikuyus who will never hold up their heads if Kibaki agree to any compromise. People used to say we can never be like Rwanda or Sudan or Central Africa .... now where are we heading if this thing is not stopped today, before Kikuyus retaliate the way they did in 1969 or 1992, the genesis of Mungiki.

On the tallying:
There was an overnight audit, attended by two representatives from each of the parties. By morning everyone knew the outcome. We knew it, ODM and ODM-K also knew it. That's why we were prepared for the inauguration when the announcement finally came.

On Kivuitu: Once he has handed the certificate to the victor his constitutional role is complete. He has no further role to play. He can say whatever he wants just like any citizen. Remember he was an ODM person, they are the one's that agitated for his renomination. Kivuitu has said that people called him, not threatened him or forced him to cheat.

On the situation in Nairobi: Nairobi is not too bad ... the banks had to open. Now it appears calm, everything is fine. We're almost back to normal. But it was not too good yesterday; the men in our estate (about 20 or so) were up the whole night with what ever arms we could get our hands on but with our luck the thugs did not come. We could hear shooting from home but the cops and GSU were in control. The 1982 coup attempt was not as scary as the way I felt jana ... or maybe it's just that I was younger then. We don't know what will happen tomorrow. Unfortunately there is also no food in the supermarket shelves here in Nairobi and no food at the markets.

On the situation up country: The people burnt in the church in Eldoret were killed by Raila. But it was to be expected, win or lose, the Kalenjins were determined to expel the Kikuyu from Rift Valley. But the Army has now gone to Eldoret to clean up the final issues. We are talking to our staff in Kisumu, Bungoma, Homa Bay. Eldoret & Kericho, the staff who are not Luo or Kalenjin slept at the DCs offices or at the airport.

On the wazees: They always say they know all and nobody can tell them how to do things ... they arrogance is the one that is going to be their downfall. They had 5 years to put in place real democratic institutions. To curb the powers of the Presidency so that the thought of a Raila presidency would not be so terifying to them, but no they did not.

On the Jan 3rd Rally: The rally should not go on. Even Raila may not be able to control the 1,000,000 people. So now we should let him destroy Nairobi the way he has destroyed Eldoret and Kisumu, no way. No sitting government that wants to maintain some semblance of normalcy could allow the rally to go on.

On the security forces: This is not simply a Kikuyu thing, it is important to remember that there are more Kalenjins in the Army and GSU than anyone else.

On the British and Americans: The British are upset because we do not buy military hardware from them any more. The Land Rover dealership CMC and their major shareholder Njonjo were major funders of ODM (Njonjo must really hate Kibaki). The Americans don't seem to believe in the rule of law, or at least, that we have our own due process.

On Raila's claim against corruption: What moral right does he have to accuse us of corruption when the Kamanis of Anglo Leasing where the largest contributors to his campaign -- he promised them amnesty from prosecution. He even took money from Pattni.

On Kibaki's meeting with MPs: Raila called a meeting with his ODM MPs at the same time to ensure that they did not go to State House.

On the new cabinet: Kibaki wants to form a cabinet representative of all the regions in the country but he is challenged because he simply does not have the numbers. He can only nominate 2 people, so that is not an option. It is likely that we will have to have another general election in a couple of years, if he is lucky, or it may fall apart in a early as a month or so.

On Raila's MOUs: Raila is worried because he mortgaged the country with MOUs he signed left and right -- like in Dubai, in South Africa, with the Muslims. He is in a bind because now that he has lost he does not know how he will honor them.



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